Things You Should Know:

As you begin the search for your new family K9 Bodyguard we would like to outline for you some helpful information to assist you in your search for your new protection dog

Our goal is for you to be an educated buyer and to provide you with as much information possible to make the
best decision for your new family member.  We understand that adding a Protection K9 to your family is a decision that you will live with for the next decade. Your new K9 bodyguard will not only love and protect you, but you will love and adore him. We are here to help you find the perfect fit for every aspect of your life and family dynamics.

Why an “ex-­military” or “ex-­police” K9 trainer is not desirable?

The training techniques that are used by the military and law enforcement are quite different than we use to train a Command Dog.  It is imperative for you to understand all the rhetoric that is being used attempting to impress you by stating their experience as a “police K9 training/handler” or even WORSE by boasting about being a prior “military K9 handler/trainer.”

The Dog: Police K9’s and Military K9’s are chosen based on a complete different criteria than what a Command K9 for Family Protection is chosen for.  The genetics that we breed for is the unique ability to go from a very low and calm demeanor to a very high level of energy when needed on command.  This “on and off like a light switch” is something that a family protection dog must have to be an enjoyable family pet inside your home and as needed, come alive to defend you in seconds.  Police and Military dogs are chosen mostly for the high level of energy which limits the K9’s ability as a family guardian.  Understanding what each trainer has experience in will help you understand why Police and Military experience is nothing to brag about when it pertains to a family protection dog and should be avoided.

The Training: Comparing “Police K9 Training” or “Military war dog training” techniques learned in a past career, and apply that experience to training a “family personal protection K9” are lacking the correct canine psychology.  Law enforcement K9’s as well as Military K9’s are trained with the emphasis on primarily defense training as the foundational training technique to bring out the aggression of the dog.  This is why you see many protection dogs offered for sale by these type trainers act very hectic, growling and thrashing on the bite exercises.

Why is it that most military and most police departments across the U.S. makes it policy that when the K9’s are retired they are not allowed to be adopted into homes?

These dogs have not been conditioned as family pets, but as defensive patrol dogs.  They have no experience living in a home or with a family, and their training does not include proper house manners.  A police or military trained K9 has very little in common with desired qualities of a Command Dog family guardian K9 and neither does the training techniques used to produce one.

Training a K9 to be undercover as your bodyguard and enjoyable in your house is our specialty.  This is such an important topic about keeping your home safe, and having an enjoyable and safe K9 inside your home that we suggest you call us to talk about this in detail.  It is crucial for you to fully understand that by using proper family protection training techniques is the only way to assure your K9 is truly your family pet undercover as your bodyguard.

Is a Sport Dog the same as a Protection Dog?

Sports Dogs are often confused, and sometimes sold, as Protection Dogs.  It’s important to understand that a sport dog is not ready to protect you and your family.  Schutzhund, IPO, French Ring, and Mondio are dog sports that include protection skills.  However, it does NOT mean that it is a dog that will actually protect you in a real life threatening scenario.  Dogs that are trained to compete in bite­sports are simply athletes training to compete in a “game” and should never be depended on to actually defend.  Think of this as taking an athlete who has been trained to play a fun game of tug­ of­ war and actually sending him into a battle and expecting him to understand the fight is no longer a game.

Sport Dog training can be the perfect foundation for a protection dog, however, much additional training is needed to convert a sport dog into a dog that will understand, and perform in real life scenarios.  Think of a sport dog as a good candidate, tested and qualified, having the foundation work and understanding of biting.

Why we prefer Belgian Malinois over other breeds?

The Belgian Malinois is a notoriously very hearty and healthy breed that is rarely plagued with the common health problems we see in most working breeds.  Very rarely is a Malinois dysplastic in his hip or elbows as is all too common in other similar breeds. The Malinois also has a longer lifespan than the average working breed, giving you more years of value with your K9.  The Belgian Malinois also has short hair and does little shedding compared to other similar breeds. This shorter hair also makes the breed more heat tolerant.  The Malinois is a more muscular dog, making it a superior athlete and giving it great stamina.  The Malinois is the current breed of choice of most military and police departments based on these superior qualities and the prefered breed of Command Dogs.

What is the difference in a Personal Protection K9, Family Protection K9, and Executive Protection K9?

eysWith most companies, it’s just a matter of the name they choose to call their dogs, with a Command Dog, it is a based on the individual dog’s temperament, environmental soundness, training, and what our professional trainers has determined is the best fit for the dogs forever home. We pride ourselves on knowing the best fit for each of our Command Dogs, and for taking the time to ask you the right questions to assure that you choose the dog that best fits your unique individual needs.

A Command Dog “Personal Protection K9” is a dog specifically chosen based on his personality traits and natural social skills, then trained to bring those traits out to be a bodyguard for an individual person.  This is a dog that will bond strongly with one person and protect that one person with his life.

A Command Dog “Family Protection K9” is a dog that has been exposed to family life, including children from a young puppy. Being raised in a home with children is crucial for a dog to be comfortable, under all circumstances, that children in a house bring.  This is a dog that will bond strongly to the entire family unit. A Command Dog Family Protection K9 is a dog that will pass off as your family pet, while being your undercover family bodyguard.

A Command Dog “Executive Protection K9” has been trained to the highest level possible and exposed to extensive environmental conditions.  This dog is best suited for the on the go family that will travel with their dog on a regular basis and require the dog to be comfortable on airlines, hotels, and in extreme crowds. Although all of our K9’s have had thousands of hours in public places, an Executive Protection Dog has been exposed to situations and places beyond the place an average person would take their dog.